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All Pro Legal Investigations PA - All Protection & Security.

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All Pro Legal Investigations, PA is a Private Investigations, Private Intelligence and Private Security Agency located in Orlando, Florida.

Our Agency has grown from a small one-person operation to a multi-national security and Investiations Consultancy.  Our Family Law section specializes in senstive family law investiagtions, GPS tracking and spousal surveillance.

Over in the Civil Litigation section we handle complex civil Litigation Investigations, Asset and Bank Searches as well as multiple-subject undercover investigations. 

Also in Civil Litigation we have the Business Law section were Investigations into the theft of intellectual property, branding issues, employee dishonesty and other business issues are handled.

Video Surveillance is the heart and soul of most Investigation: there is no substitute for videotape evidence.  Fortunately, we are Video Surveillance EXPERTS! 

The Security side of the house is divided into Uniformed Security Guards, Armed Security Guards and Executive Protection (also known as Private Bodyguards) with former US Military personnel in the uniforms and former Federal Law Enforcement rounding out the Executive Protection teams.

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Orlando Female Private Investigator specializing in Video Surveillance, GPS Trackers, Spousal/Partner infidelity concerns, Employee honesty and undercover operations. Real Investigators, Real Results!

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